Find out about our mothers!

Find out about our mothers!


Find out about our mothers!

Saptamana aceasta, copiii isteti si curiosi ne-au prezentat mamicile aducand la gradinita o fotografie sau o imagine cu acestea.

In limba engleza, am incercat sa descriem mamicile, sa spunem cate lucuri bune si frumoase ne invata si mai ales, cat de mult ne iubesc!

I’s Mummy’s Day! Hooray! Hooray!

I wish you ‘’Happy Mother’s Day!’’

I’d like to hold you all the day,

I’d like to sing, I’d like to play!

You’re very special and you know

You’re so dear to me and so,

I want to thank for what you do,

I want to tell you ‘’I love you!’’.

Activitatea s-a incheiat incercand sa spunem cate lucruri frumoase si bune, la randul nostru, facem noi pentru mamicile noastre. Asadar, ‘’Happy Mother’s Day!’’ and .. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR YOUR MOTHER?

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